Your Quick Guide For Visiting Port Issac In Cornwall!

If you are someone who likes laidback holidays, Port Isaac is the ideal place for your next vacation. Located along the north coast of Cornwall, this is a perfect destination for anyone who doesn’t want to do a lot. Enjoy panoramic views of the ocean, have fun fishing crab along the harbour wall, or just enjoy the narrow roads – the choice is yours. In recent years, Port Isaac has emerged to be a favourite for film and TV shoots, including Doc Martin. This guide to Port Issac in Cornwall is all about the right place to stay.

Staying in Port Isaac

On an extended vacation, the last thing you would expect is disturbance. There’s no point in staying for weeks in a hotel, because the local life of Port Isaac is very unique. An ideal choice is to go for a self-catering holiday accommodation or one of the cottages that are located along the narrow lanes. You will love the overall environment here, because each of these cottages has been designed with extreme care, and you will get all the essential amenities that you would expect at a hotel. However, don’t expect to have a butler on call, because it’s your home, where you can enjoy things to your own liking.

Eating out

Being a fishing destination, you can only expect the best seafood in Port Issac. The fresh produce comes straight from the sea, and the local eateries make some of the most incredible seafood items. One of the most enjoyable things here is a crab sandwich. You will also love the pastries that are extremely popular in Cornwall. If you love eating out at the best local places, you can check two options started by Nathan Outlaw. Some of the best eateries and restaurants include Fresh from the Sea and the Golden Lion pub. If you are staying at a self-catering holiday accommodation, you don’t need to cook, because the food here is worth your time anyway.

What to see?

If you are here, you have to visit the Doc Martin filming location. Port Isaac has just a shingle beach, but in case you are fond of beach places, you can go to some of the nearby locations, including Polzeath. Polzeath is an ideal place for surfers, and almost at an equal distance is the place called Daymer Bay. Daymer Bay is ideal if you are traveling with your pets, who are welcome here. Also, you can spend hours around the harbour on any given day, so you will never get bored. If you always wanted to enjoy the beauty of Cornwall away from the crowded places, Port Isaac has enough choices.

Check online now to find more on Port Isaac, and before you take the call on hotels, do check the cottages that are available on rent. You will get some great deals and offers, especially when booked in advance. Some of the cottages are meant for limited people, so do check that in advance before taking the call.

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