Why Monaco should be on your bucket list!

For generations, Monaco has attracted the rich and famous to the South of France, thanks to a tax-friendly environment and a fantastic climate. But there is much more than this to the gem of the Mediterranean. The country welcomes one of the highest percentages of tourist vs inhabitants ratio in the world for a reason. The small city-state offers a variety of entertainment options, fantastic dining and some of the world’s very finest hotels. All of this is located just a few minutes drive from the iconic French Riviera. Let’s discover together the highlights of Monaco.

Dining is one of the main highlights in Monaco, with one of the highest concentrations of starred restaurants in the world per square kilometre. Some of the world’s finest chefs, including Marcel Ravin, Alain Ducasse, Yanick Alleno, and Mauro Colagreco have addresses in the principality. With restaurants ranging from one to three stars, there’s a plethora of choices for fine dining. The city also offers a stunning number of vibrant dining options, with piano bars and dancing restaurants, such as Sass café, Coya and Cantinetta Antinori. The options for a nice night out in Monaco are truly endless.

Boating is one of the local’s favourite activities during the day, with a plethora of boats for rent in Monaco. Port Hercules and Fontvielle offer some of the finest boats and yachts, from small Rivas to much larger superyachts. A new marina will even open in a few years in the new Portier Cove development. The cruising grounds surrounding the principality are simply exceptional, offering a great variety of private sandy beaches to vibrant beach clubs with tender service for you to arrive in the ultimate style. The most famous one is Anjuna, located just under a myriad of luxury villas in Eze, feet in the water in one of the preferred bays for superyachts to drop anchor.

Partying will be one of your favourites in Monaco, especially during world-famous events including the Monaco Grand Prix! While in normal times the preferred places to party are Twiga & Jimmy’s, the Monaco Grand Prix sees one of the most iconic parties in the world, taking place at Sunset. Taking place in the Meridien, ideal to reach via a short tender ride following the race in the port, the party lasts until late on an open-air beach.

Monaco is the place to be in the summer and whether you are looking to head boating there or rent a villa with a pool in the summer we highly recommend a stroll by the gem of the Mediterranean.

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