Why Look Out For 18+ Check-In Age Hotels

With the number of young adults in Chicago looking to travel and enjoy their summer vacations, hotels have had to expand and offer a wide range of accommodations to meet the needs of these travelers. Since this group of travelers will usually be traveling with young children, it is important to look for a hotel that is child-friendly and kid-friendly.

These accommodations will typically be located near tourist attractions, family fun activities, and nightclubs where families can hang out. The availability of babysitting services onsite is another good reason to check out luxury hotels in Chicago for 18 – 20 year olds. Most hotels now have onsite childcare that can cater to the children who are staying overnight.

Luxury hotels in Chicago are the perfect places for young adults to check-in. They will be able to find an onsite casino or arcade, which will keep them busy during their time off. Since these are also destinations that cater to families, there will be things for kids to do as well.

Water parks are especially popular during the hot summer months. There are also outdoor activities, such as hiking, bike riding, nature watching, and other fun activities for kids. Even if they don’t want to hang out with little ones, they can still enjoy all of the things these hotels have to offer.

Family attractions are also very popular destinations for young adults. Most of the upscale hotels will have onsite zoos and aquariums. They will have shows and movies featuring animals, whether they are from the jungle or a cave. Some hotels even offer pet services for those family members who want to spend some quiet time with their pets. Some of the same attractions are available for teens, but they may be less crowded.

Amenities and extra facilities are important for any hotel. Young travelers should look for hotels that offer things like saunas, exercise rooms, and other possibilities that will help them get healthy while enjoying the hotel. Many of the bigger hotels will have a health club onsite, which is a great amenity. It is nice to know that the hotel staff is fully aware of what guests need and look forward to helping them find answers to these questions.

Nightlife is another important consideration for those young adults planning a vacation. Many of the best hotels will offer live entertainment at the bars and restaurants. This can make the evening hours a lively experience for everyone, which is what anyone would want. Some of the larger hotels in these destinations will even offer DJ opportunities if the younger guests wish to have a little bit of fun before heading home.

The important thing for young travelers is to find a hotel that truly understands their needs. They will appreciate all of the extra features that will make their time on vacation more enjoyable. If they find a hotel that offers all of the modern conveniences, but also has an amazing location, then they are going to be more likely to stay for the duration of their stay.


With all of the many reasons as to why to look out for 18+ check-in age hotels, there is no reason why anyone should ever have to go back to a younger age.

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