When Exactly Is the Best Time to Visit Africa?

Tourism is the moving force of the economies in many countries throughout Africa. In fact, sub-Saharan Africa alone saw 56,014,499 tourists arrive in the region in 2019 alone. Yet, the tourism sector took a hit over the past two years, thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Luckily, African tourism is making a comeback. After being closed down for nearly two years, tourism destinations throughout the continent are reopening their doors to visitors worldwide.

Like all tourist destinations, there’s the best time to visit Africa and the worst time during the year.

So before you start planning your next trip, keep reading further to discover the best time of year to vacation in Africa.

The Seasons in Africa

The seasons in Africa are reversed compared to that of the Western hemisphere. As such, you shouldn’t travel to the continent in December and expect to enjoy nice cool winter weather.

In fact, November and December are the peak summer months, whereas the peak winter months are June and July in Africa. Also, unlike in the Western hemisphere, where summer is the ideal time to vacation, the winter months are the peak vacation season in the African continent.

Best Time to Visit Africa: July Through August

These two months are an ideal time to travel to most parts of the continent.

The weather will be best in East Africa and in most of the Southern African region. You can expect the outside to feel mild and dry, with the exception of Cape Town, South Africa, where you can expect temperatures in the low 50s° (°F) and high 60s° (°F).

Although July and August are part of the winter months in the continent, winter in Africa is more akin to the autumn season in North America.

Keep in mind that July through August is the peak season for tourism in Africa, so when planning a vacation, make sure that you plan well in advance.

Worst Time to Visit Africa: April Through May

The rainy season starts in East Africa in April, and as a result, most parks in the area are shut down or inaccessible. Wildlife viewing is at its worst in East Africa.

Yet, the best time for wildlife viewing is just starting in the southern part of the continent towards May, leading into peak travel season.

Things To Do in Africa While on Vacation

July through August is the time of year best for viewing wildlife animals in their natural habitats. So, when visiting Africa, consider booking a safari.

Or, if safaris aren’t your speed, then you may consider going whale watching on the South African coast.

Plan Your Next Trip to Africa

Now that you know the best time to visit Africa, you can start planning your next trip! Be sure to remember that July through August is the peak travel season throughout most of the continent, so schedule your visit well in advance.

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