What to Do in Catalonia

Catalonia has spent a lot of time in the news recently. They are making headlines for a push to become an independent, or at least sovereign, region. That is because Catalonia has long been a very distinct region of Spain. The country that became Spain is much younger than many people realise. For a long time, the Iberian Peninsula was divided into multiple kingdoms. There were the kingdoms of Aragon, Catalonia, Castellan, and others. These were combined, divided, and recombined many times over their history. At one point, Portugal was part of a kingdom that became modern-day Spain. However, unlike Portugal, Catalonia was incorporated into the modern state. It has always been distinct from other parts of Spain; it even has its own language. Catalan is similar to Spanish but it’s very unique. It’s actually closer to some other romance languages than Spanish, though they might appear similar on paper. This gives Catalonia a unique culture that is incredible to explore.

Explore Catalonia on Foot

If you want to explore Catalonia, your best options are walking holidays in Spain. A walking holiday will give you the option to see and hear everything that the region has to offer. Since you will be walking instead of driving, you’ll be able to experience more of the sights and sounds. You won’t be sealed off from the cities and countryside as you travel. Barcelona is the largest city in Catalonia and one of the most diverse in terms of history. There are many parts of Barcelona that are much older than the entire country of Spain. The history, the culture, and the arts of the region are incredible.

You can experience them best if you experience them on foot. Many areas of the city seem designed for it.

Las Ramblas

Las Ramblas is a span of roads and pedestrian malls that stretch across Barcelona. They are some of the oldest roads in Barcelona, Catalonia, and Spain as a whole. If you are looking to walk around the city, you should definitely schedule time to walk around Las Ramblas. It is an exciting city centre that offers many aspects of Catalan and Spanish culture.

Food and Drink

The food and drink in Spain are second to none. Spain has influences from all over the world. The culture is influenced by North Africa, the Mediterranean, Portugal, Spain, ancient Rome, and much more. For a very long time, it has been a hub of cultural mixing that has made it something truly unique. The distinct cultures of each kingdom that came to form Spain have been retained and modified over hundreds of years. You have a lot of options in Spain; you should take advantage of them.

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