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What Can I Bring Onto An Airplane?

You more than likely have wondered while packing if you were allowed to bring a certain item onto the plane. However, there are some items you may not have even considered before you’d be surprised to learn you can bring onto a plane.

Here are some questions answered through the information provided by Transportation Security Administration (otherwise popularly known as TSA) on some unique and not so unique items you can bring on an airplane.

Are Emotional Support Animals Allowed Onboard?

While airlines previously permitted emotional support animals (ESA) onto airplanes without having to pay an added fee, those rules have changed within the last year. As of December of 2020, the Transportation Department has permitted airlines to ban any ESAs on an airplane unless their owners have purchased a ticket for them for the flight.

Even so, each airline has very specific requirements for bringing an animal onboard. You’ll want to inquire with the Melbourne airport transfer limousine you are flying with about their requirements, as some additional documentation may be necessary as well.. They also may have size, weight, and breed restrictions.

The only types of animals that are allowed on board without needing to require payment are certified service dogs. Signed statements on federal forms to verifying dog training, veterinarian records, behavior, and what service they provide the owner must be given to the airline prior to flying. Again, it’s important to check with your airline before trying to show up on the day of your flight with your service dog.

Can I Bring Firearms on an Airplane?

The answer? Yes, you absolutely can. There are certain requirements when bringing a firearm, and some airlines are subject to different rules. But when looking into TSA rules and regulations, firearms are allowed on airplanes, but only in checked bags.

According to their website, firearms such as handguns and pistols must be “unloaded, packed in a locked hard-sided container, and declared to the airline at check-in.” Ammunition can be brought onto the plane with your carry-on luggage. However, it must be packed securely in fiber, wood, or metal boxes only for small arms ammunition.

TSA also advises that you check with local laws for firearms within the location you are visiting. Laws and regulations vary based upon local, state, and international government.

Can I Bring Home Electronics as Gifts?

Electronics are usually allowed on most airplanes, but it depends on what types of electronics you plan on bringing back. Electronics such as video game devices, computers, and even Roombas can all come back on an airplane.

There are also a ton of weird electronics people don’t think about that can be brought back with you from your vacation. Anything from a sewing machine or a tortilla press, all the way to an actual television can be brought with you on your next flight. Always make sure to double-check with your airline prior to flying in regards to any electronic you may be questioning. The size may determine if there is an extra cost or if it needs to be a checked item.

For instance, a camping stove is permissible on a flight, but it needs to be completely empty of all of its fuel. A tattoo gun, as another example, can be brought onto a flight, but the ink needs to be in containers of 3.4 ounces or less, and the needles must be properly stored away.

Bowling Balls Are Cool – Bowling Pins Are Not

Are you heading to a bowling tournament or coming home from one? Well, here is a little fun fact for you. Bowling balls are allowed to be brought onto an airplane in both your carry-on or checked luggage. However, bowling pins are not allowed onto an aircraft.

This is because bowling pins are considered sports equipment that could be used as bludgeoning tools. So if you have any sporting equipment such as a baseball bat, golf clubs, or even bowling pins, they all need to be checked ahead of time with your airline.

There are a million different circumstances that could make you question whether or not you are allowed to bring something on an airplane. If you are getting ready to travel and are uncertain about what you’re bringing home, talk to your airline ahead of time and see what their specific regulations are. 

You wouldn’t want to miss a flight or get into trouble because you didn’t know your pet couldn’t come on the plane with you!

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