Van Life 101: How to Have the Van Adventure of a Lifetime

Have you ever thought about how mundane and boring your life is? Perhaps you’ve fantasized about selling everything and traveling the world. Now the pandemic is easing you can adopt this lifestyle and go on a van adventure.

Van life is a social movement of nomadic people who reject the way we are “told” to live in favor of minimalism, simplicity, adventure, and a re-evaluation of what matters in life. For purists aspiring to a nomadic lifestyle, living in a van means abandoning the status quo and building a life that belongs to them.

Here’s everything you need to know about RV and van travel.

What Is Van Life?

Simply put, van living is a life of travel and adventure for those who want to adopt a basic lifestyle with little home comforts but a lot of ease. Selling your home and giving up all your belongings may seem like too much of a challenge, but you can always opt for a van vacation to relax and experience the freedom that van life has to offer.

This is one thing that surprises many people unfamiliar with the road trip and van life: the amount of time and effort it takes to maintain a lifestyle. In the same way that you can burn out at work or live in a particular city, there may come a day when you have just finished living in a van.

Whether or not you choose to make the transition, know that travel life is always there when you need to experience some adventures. Rent a camper van, experience adventure in one of the best countries for motorhome travel, and once you learn how to live in a van and travel, you will realize if life in a van is right for you.

How to Make Money in A Van

There are many different ways to make money in a van with many companies offering remote jobs as standard. This enables you to go anywhere in the world whilst still earning money. You can also make money as a YouTube or Instagram influencer, documenting your travels.

If you’re a full-time van worker, you won’t even pay rent or utilities so it’s entirely possible to save money while living on the go and working online. For WiFi, you could get by with a roaming data package on your phone.

For those who don’t want to fully commit to an RV or the RV travel lifestyle, an RV trailer means you still have a car and house and can park a thing in the yard when you’re not on the road.

A Great Way to Socialize

It may seem strange to say that living in a van is a great way to meet people and socialize, but it’s true. From scattered campsites to visiting national parks, allows you to get out there and explore nature. Whatever hobby you have that fires up your soul, living in a van can free you up to make it a bigger part of your life.

There’s no right way to use the sprinter van life, but it’s important to understand what your van lifestyle should be like and what’s right for you.

For many of those who live in a van, choosing to live in a van means clearly defining what is truly important to you and what doesn’t matter. There are many great road trip ideas for 2022 that might matter to you that you have been unable to take due to the pandemic. Now is the time to plan them.

Unconventional and Unpredictable Life

Vanlifers can live and work unconventionally and move at the pace of their schedules, but it’s important to understand that full-time vanlifers work to make this lifestyle work for them. In our travels, we have met many wonderful people who lead a “work hard, travel hard” lifestyle.

If you’re considering van life, it might be a good idea to watch a few couples from the life of a van on youtube to see how they handled the ups and downs of traveling all over the world in anything from a van to a tuk-tuk.

Do Your Research By Watching Videos

These videos are very simple and give a comprehensive account of what life in a van is like. There are even tips on how to survive in a van while you’re on your period. The videos of Trent and Allie are mostly about travel combined with living in a van and they travel everywhere from major European cities to breathtaking scenery.

They often use drone footage in joint fell videos, which again is great for viewers as it gives you a fresh perspective on the different environments you can live in a van.

They also make lots of “Day in a life” videos so you can see all the mundane things that come with living in a van.

However, even Trent and Allie have had problems with safety which have been documented in the mainstream media. Watching their negative videos can be just as helpful as their positive research to get a good perspective on life in a van.

The Van Adventure Is the Future

A new breed of adventurers – the vanlivers who enjoy the autonomy, freedom, and social security that comes with a van is emerging. A happy life is all about balancing time in and out of the van, work, and play, and keeping your mind and body fit and healthy.

You might think that living in a van leads to a quiet, isolated existence but in fact, living in a van can create many lifelong memories with friends for you to enjoy for the rest of your life. The van adventure is the future of travel.

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