Things to Do When You Are Camping in The Rain

Even if you check the forecast before going camping, the weather can be unpredictable. Instead of letting a rainstorm ruin your time outdoors, there are ways to stay entertained. You can use a canopy to keep dry and then spend your time playing card games, board games, or even video games.

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When you go camping, you want to enjoy time in the sun. However, a sudden rainstorm can put a hold on your plans. Luckily, the rain does not need to spoil your camping trip. Here are several things to do when you are camping in the rain.

Create or Use a Canopy to Stay Dry

If you do not want to spend the rest of your trip stuck inside your tent, you should use a canopy, beach umbrella, or pop-up pavilion to stay dry. You can even make your own canopy using tarps tied to trees.

Many campsites have a picnic table that acts as your primary spot for eating, playing games, and sitting around. Place the canopy, umbrella, or pavilion over the table to keep dry and still have a place for activities.

Play Card Games or Board Games

Playing card games are the classic choice when you have nothing else to do. All you need is a deck of cards to play dozens of different games, such as poker, go fish, slapjack, spades, or war.

If your family does not enjoy card games, bring a board game. You can set out the board on the picnic table or inside your tent.

Watch a Movie or Play Video Games

While camping gives you a chance to get away from technology, rainy weather may leave you with limited options. If you get tired of playing card games or board games, pull out your phone or tablet and watch a movie or play a video game.

You do not need to worry about draining your car battery to recharge your devices. With solar panels for tent camping such as those available at, you can keep your electronics charged throughout the trip. Even in rainy weather, the UV rays can still reach the solar panels and help charge your devices.

The rain should not spoil your fun. Simply remember these tips to avoid letting the weather get in the way of a good time.

During your next camping trip, come prepared for any weather. Bring a canopy or pavilion to stay dry, and bring some entertainment, as well. Use a solar panel mat to keep your electronics charged and enjoy a movie night while waiting for the rain to stop.

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