Vacationing at a resort is usually described as the epitome of luxury by the individuals who patronise these establishments on a regular basis. You can expect world class service, fun-filled activities, high class entertainment, and a variety of delectable foods and drinks at many of these resorts.

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There are different types of resorts, and these differences arise mainly because of the locations of the establishments. In most instances, the location of the resort will determine what type it is. In addition, the tourist activities associated with the resort will also determine what type of resort it is. It is therefore imperative that you understand the differences in order to determine the best fit for you.

  1. Beach resort

A beach resort is one that is located on the coast and has a beach as the main tourist attraction. This seaside establishment offers lodging facilities as well as full access to its own private beach. You can expect to find several unique recreational and entertainment activities at a beach resort. The establishment is perfect for romantic getaways, honeymooners, luxury seekers, and individuals looking for some quiet time next to a pristine and private beach.

  1. Island Resort

If you want to vacation comfortably on an island, then an island resort will be an ideal choice for you. Island resorts are usually situated within tropical islands, and they afford you the luxury, complete seclusion, and peace that you are probably looking for.

The most popular island resorts including the esteemed Komodo Island Resort offer all-inclusive amenities. This means that all of your accommodation, entertainment, restaurant and shopping needs are catered for in-house without the need for going outside the resort.

Such an establishment is the best resort for individuals looking for utter seclusion from the rest of the world as well as sufficient time to enjoy the luxury and paradise of vacationing in an island. Expect to find a significant number of water-based activities including surfing, sunbathing, and snorkelling when on holiday on an island resort.

  1. Golf resort

If you are a golf professional, enthusiast, or even a fanatic, then a golf resort would be the perfect to vacation. Such a resort provides lodging facilities plus other amenities that specifically cater to golf activities, players and fans. These establishments also offer access to world class golf courses for patrons to enjoy rounds of golf throughout their stay at the resort.

All of your golfing, shopping, eating, entertainment, and drinking needs will be catered to while in the resort.

  1. Luxury resort

A luxury resort is one that provides luxurious offerings to its guests. It is all about luxury and opulence in these resorts, from the lush accommodation to fine dining, and exquisite entertainment amenities. Everything about these establishments is high end and extremely posh, and that is why the prices are many times out of reach for ordinary people.

This is the place you want to vacation at if you are looking to spoil and pamper yourself or your loved one to the maximum. You should expect to see the most exquisite and expensive decor features, quality finishes, concierge services, and 24-hour fitness centres.

Their main attraction is the luxurious service, and they can be located anywhere, but preferably in a secluded area far from the chaos and noise of ordinary life.

  1. Spa resort

Spa resorts are establishments whose main attraction is exquisite spa amenities. In many instances, you will find that a luxury resort also doubles up as a spa resort. This is because the spa experience is can be viewed as part of a luxury package. The spa amenities found in such resorts are usually high end, and you should not expect to find such facilities in ordinary spa centres.

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