The Boise Airport: From A Small Town Airstrip To Big City Hub

Boise Airport, the largest airport in Idaho, has grown from a handful of airlines serving mostly western destinations to several airlines with flights all over the country. Getting to and from Boise is easier than ever.

If you’ve never been to the airport, it’s sleek and modern looking. When you arrive at the check-in area, there are wooden benches from the old Boise train depot, adding a bit of Boise history into the modern airport. And if you’re waiting for a friend or loved one to arrive, there’s a comfortable waiting area right outside the doors where passengers exit the main concourse from. A combination of escalators and stairs makes it easy to move between the lower and upper levels of the airport.

Overview Of The Boise Airport

If you’re flying to or from Boise, you have a wide selection of airlines and routes to choose from. Getting to and from Boise has never been easier.

Airlines currently serving Boise:








These airlines serve most large cities on the west coast, Midwest, and are expanding into the southern United States. JetBlue is the latest airline to fly into Boise with regularly scheduled non-stop flights between Boise and New York City on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. JetBlue’s service is scheduled to start on July 2nd. Further, Delta recently added non-stop service between Boise and Atlanta, Georgia, Delta’s main hub. This will give travelers another gateway from Boise to the rest of the world.

With Boise consistently being one of the most popular cities in the country for people to move to, the growth of the Boise airport will continue to grow with new airlines moving in and flights to new destinations.


Airports are more than just a place to catch a flight. They also feature restaurants and shops for travelers to enjoy while waiting to board their plane. The Boise airport is no different.

If you’re hungry before or after your flight, the airport has plenty of dining options to choose from. For example, if you just want some fast food, you can try the popular Smashburger located in the main food court (straight ahead after you go through security). If you need coffee and a bagel to get you going in the morning, then check out Einstein Brothers Bagels.

The Boise airport also offers more traditional dining options. As you walk down the concourse towards the gates, you’ll find restaurants like Parilla Grill, a Mexican restaurant that serves a fusion blend of grilled meats and vegetables, topped with salsas and other sauces made fresh daily.

If you’re craving a good pub burger, then you’re in luck, because the 13th Street Pub & Grill serves freshly grilled favorites, from grilled burgers to fresh trout. They also have a wide breakfast selection for all of you early birds.

There’s also a selection of shops and newsstands. The shops sell everything from newspapers and magazines to electronics, unique gifts and souvenirs that are unique to the city of Boise and the state of Idaho.

The airport even has an art gallery that features the work of local artists. The art includes paintings, sculptures, jewelry, and pottery. Most of the art is available for purchase. You’ll find both original paintings, prints and reproductions at the gallery.

Future Of The Boise Airport

While the airport has expanded greatly over the last two decades, it has seen a 50% increase in passenger traffic over the last several years, so it’s not done growing. There are plans underway to add a new concourse, which could add around 6 more gates, including possible accommodations for wide-body aircraft. Boise plans to offer incentives to airlines to make Boise a regular destination by lowering airport and gate fees. Future routes include direct flights to Orlando, Boston, and, if they’re lucky, Honolulu. Each of those destinations currently requires a layover in one of an airline’s many major hubs.

Finally, if you’re visiting Boise or just flying through, take the time to explore the airport and all it has to offer. With its modern look and great amenities, it gives travelers the perfect first impression of a great city. This content is brought to you by Crevand SEO agency in Boise, Idaho.

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