The Best Travel Attractions Manila Has To Offer

Manila is a pretty busy city. It is an energetic and exciting metropolis. The Philippines capital gives you access to some of the most interesting tourist destinations you can find in the country, a journey filled with colors and culture.

What is interesting is that as soon as you get off one of the Cathay Pacific flights to Manila you are instantly introduced to a mix of rich history and modern attractions. There are countless cathedrals in the city highlighting the history of the city and incredible modern shopping opportunities. In fact, it can be difficult to figure out where to go first after you get out of the hotel.

According to tourists, the best Manila attractions are monuments, public parks, and churches. And the greatest options always mentioned are presented below.

Rizal Park

This is definitely one of the tourist favorites of Manila. It is at times mentioned with the name Luneta Park, a truly manicured and peaceful garden you can find in the middle of Manila. All throughout the park, you can see monuments and statues highlighting the rich history of the city.

One thing that is definitely noteworthy is the Monument of Rizal. It is very old and houses Dr. Jose Rizal’s remains. He was one of the celebrated heroes of the Philippines. Also, you surely want to take in all the beautiful fauna and flora present. You will see the Narra tree, which is the country’s national tree, and there is a small lake in Rizal Park that has a raised archipelago structure right in its middle.


When exploring Manila as a tourist, there is a huge possibility you go through Intramuros without even realizing that you did. This is basically the city’s oldest section. It is characterized by the present walled fortress. In the past, this was a walled city inside Manila. This happened from the 1500s and ended in the 1800s, all during the Spanish Colonial times.

The stone wall has a length of three miles and completely surrounds the Intramuros district. You can walk inside it, right on the grounds, without supervision. But, you can also opt for a guided tour so you learn more about why Manila treasures Intramuros and its history.

Manila Ocean Park

Manila Ocean Park stands out as a unique adventure for tourists, especially if they travel with their families. You can get interactive activities scheduled for you as you encounter manta rays and sharks. Also, there is a fish spa. This is where fish will clean your feet while you keep them in a small water pool.

Basically, you can spend several hours in this park, all based on the number of encounters you want to try. The aquatic facility is state-of-the-art and there are exhibits of several animals available, especially birds.

Quiapo Church

Out of all the Manila Catholic Churches, Quiapo Church is very admired and is among the oldest. Based on time of day, in the surrounding plaza, you might end up seeing many locals. This is in itself very interesting to see because you can see the Filipino devotion that exists.

The busiest day to visit is Friday. This is when there are thousands who come to pray. And it is quite interesting to see that even if the gatherings are large, we are still talking about a top travel attraction.

You want to take your time to analyze the church’s outside area and you want to visit the different market stands present. This allows you to buy different things from the vendors, including necklaces, mangoes, and peanuts.

National Museum Of The Philippines

If you are interested in exploring Philippine culture, this is the museum you absolutely need to see. It includes 4 large complexes and several collections of items and artifacts. They are mostly related to zoology, natural history, biology, anthropology, and archaeology. The galleries you can see allow you to experience a part of the cultural story of the country and can definitely complement the other historical attractions you will visit.

San Agustin Museum And Church

The San Agustin Church in Manila is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a true treasure of the country. We are talking about a catholic church with a 100% unique story, which is reflected in the building’s details. Just look closely at the church to see how the design was influenced by Spanish and Chinese influences. The San Agustin Church was rebuilt several times in the past because of having parts of it destroyed by natural disasters and battles.

You want to be especially careful with the large wooden doors and the carvings on them. Those who are interested in architecture or history might want to consider the local guide option since they can thus experience a very memorable walking tour. The guide will describe some of the intricate details you see and can point out some that are harder to notice if you are alone.

Bambike Ecotours

You might already know this but the city is very friendly to pedestrians. As a result, it is quite interesting to visit some of the top attractions through a Bambike Ecotour. These allow you to see the urban side of Manila in a very eco-friendly way. Also, you do your part in supporting the local businesses and environmental sustainability.

A bambike is a bicycle that is made out of bamboo. It is handmade and the company offering the tour only employs local villagers to produce them. Based on personal interests, several tours are available, involving city life, art, and history.

Final Thoughts

The top attractions highlighted above are just a small part of what Manila has to offer. This is a city that has a lot of personality and the locals do appreciate tourists. If you feel you want to do something else, do not worry. You can easily enjoy several other attractions. Look for what you want to do and there is a huge possibility you are going to find it. Manila is definitely a great choice of a wonderful tourist destination in the Philippines.

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