Reasons Why Should Get a Travel Insurance for Your Trip in 2022

A global pandemic has made us realise the importance of travel insurance while travelling to another country or even domestically. Sometimes even the most carefully planned trips can get cancelled or postponed due to unexpected circumstances. With the onset of the pandemic, this has become even more real. Therefore, having travel insurance has become essential when you are planning to explore the world.

A travel insurance policy protects you from financial losses that might occur when you are travelling away from home. Many unexpected events can lead to financial liabilities, and with a valid travel insurance plan, you can deal with these liabilities easily.

If you plan a trip in 2022, here are the top reasons you should get a travel insurance policy for yourself.

Reasons to Get a Travel Insurance Policy for Your Trip  in 2022

Here are the top reasons to get a travel insurance policy for your trip this year:

  • Cancellation of the trip: There can be many reasons for your trip cancellation, but it will cause you financial loss. If you have valid travel insurance, the insurer will cover the trip cancellation due to your unexpected death, illness, injury or if something happens to your family member. Although the amount you receive after cancellation might differ from insurer to insurer, you will receive reimbursement for hotel bookings, tickets, etc.
  • Sickness or injury: There is nothing worse than getting sick or injured while travelling. The travel insurance plan covers medical expenses incurred if you get diagnosed with COVID-19 while travelling abroad. The plan also covers medical expenses due to other illnesses or injuries up to a certain limit, as mentioned in the insurance policy.
  • Baggage loss or delay: If there is a delay in receiving the check-in baggage or it gets misdirected, the insurer will reimburse you for the necessary personal items so that you can continue your trip smoothly. If your baggage is lost, the insurer will compensate you for the belongings you have lost. Therefore, having insurance will ensure that you do not have to face financial losses if there is a delay in your baggage or if it gets lost.
  • Loss of important documents: Losing your documents like passports can wreak havoc on your itinerary and cause you to panic when you are not in your country. If you lose your passport, the insurer will provide you with the help to contact the appropriate authorities and provide financial assistance to get a duplicate passport.
  • Flight cancellations or delays: Flight can be unpredictable, and there can be delays or cancellations in departure and connecting flights that lead to disappointment. While the insurer cannot compensate you for the disappointment, they can provide you with compensation for the monetary losses that may arise due to flight cancellations and delays caused by bad weather, technical glitch or a local strike. In addition, insurers like Tata AIG also help you deal with additional expenses that you may incur while trying to get home.
  • Travel assistance: Exploring a new place can be exciting, but it can be scary if you face an unexpected problem in a foreign land. With a travel insurance plan from a reputed insurer, you will get assistance for problems that you might face. For example, if you wish to know where you can get medical treatment for a sudden illness or injury or if you wish to know where you can apply for a duplicate passport in case you lose it, the insurance company will help you.

These are the top reasons for buying travel insurance in India while travelling abroad or within the country. Therefore, it is essential to compare travel insurance to choose the right plan according to your needs.


So if you are planning to travel abroad or within India, you must buy travel insurance to ensure that you are safe from financial losses arising due to unforeseen circumstances while you are travelling. Therefore, it is advisable to search, compare, and purchase a plan that suits your requirements. You can also use the travel insurance premium calculator to know the amount of premium that you need to pay. Moreover, you should remember that an ideal plan should include the required coverage benefits, including coverage for COVID-19 related expenses.

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