Intimidated by Bali? Try Seminyak and Its Friendly Luxury Accommodation

Bali is one of those standard exotic travel destinations that pack a rich cultural heritage with lush surroundings and modern touristic facilities. Seminyak, formerly a regular traditional village, is nowadays one of its highly coveted spots. It even draws rich and famous people, who enjoy its privacy and laid back atmosphere. Below we will show you why Seminyak is appropriate for Bali first-timers.

Seminyak – suitable as a first-time destination in Bali

Even if you’ve never been to Bali before and feel a bit intimidated by this perspective, you can give Seminyak a try, as it’s a friendly destination for your first Bali holiday. Perhaps it’s not the best known, but it can certainly be the best for you, as it’s easy to learn. It is not a bustling beach resort, but a rather quiet and private place, where accommodation usually means villas with pools, surrounded by vegetation.

The best type of accommodation

Considering this will be your first time in Bali, you must pay attention to your accommodation options. If you are the typical backpacker, you may not find suitable place in Seminyak, because it simply caters to different types of travelers. You may stay in a hotel or guest house, but the best way to have a feel of the region and to enjoy quiet time is to rent a villa. There are countless such options around.

Luxury villas

Here is a good tip for you: do not avoid the so-called luxury accommodation. Here, the prices can be truly affordable. The best Bali villas Seminyak has to offer are newly built, have excellent facilities and won’t make you break the bank. With the rather low prices, these are accessible to a wide range of travelers. Choose a luxury villa with as many bedrooms as you need (it can be up to 7 or more).

Easy booking

You don’t have to go out of your way to secure your luxury accommodation in Seminyak. Local villa owners partner up with booking agents so you can reserve a villa of your choice without hassle. You simply go online and select what you like, see its availability, then discuss the details with the English speaking agent. The staff you come in contact with has already inspected these villas and they know what they are renting. They can help you match the accommodation to your desires and budget.

The perfect solo or group escape

Without a doubt, Bali is a splendid destination for romantic couples of any age. However, it is suitable to solo travelers, to families and friends as well. Many tourists choose to form a group of friends and book a large holiday villa to stay together. Seminyak allows big groups to stay in one place. You may opt for self catering or hire staff to cook, for example. This represents a higher level of comfort, accessible to anyone who has set their mind on booking luxury villas. There is no need to look for separate homes when you can have one to host your entire crew.

Now that you are aware of these aspects and especially of the importance of proper accommodation, you can start building your perfectly tailored travel package. Choose an affordable luxury villa service in Seminyak and you can rest assured that everything will be just like you dreamed or better.

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