Interesting places to Visit in London and How to Plan Your Itinerary

Millions of tourists visit London annually, making it a top destination in Europe. The city has people from different cultures, making it an excellent place for a vacation. You will probably not find many places to visit with the diversity you will experience in London. If the city is on your bucket list for places you want to visit, it will help you to discover some interesting places to explore. We will look at the popular sites with visitors and help you plan your itinerary. Read on to gain insights on making your trip successful and getting the best experience visiting England’s capital.

Places to Visit

Although London is metropolitan, it was previously an ancient city. Therefore, you will find many sites to explore and things to do. Here are some places to consider visiting;

London Eye

During the millennium, a giant Ferris wheel was constructed, known as The London Eye, at the city’s heart. You can purchase your London Eye tickets to visit the iconic site. There are plans for individuals, couples, and the public. Your vacation will not be complete if you do not visit the place. If you visit during the festive seasons, you will enjoy the lighting on the wheel during the night.

Camden Market

It is a robust and cultural market to explore. You will find gothic merchandise on sale and several tattoo parlors. At the same time, there are foods from different cultures to enjoy while shopping, and you will find social amenities for relaxation.


. Westminster has existed for more than a century and is an exciting place to visit while in London. It is a public space where you can meet locals and interact with them. Christians would use the historical site for wedding and burial events. The buildings have an impressive architectural design and have been a popular venue for royal weddings in recent years.

Kew Gardens

If you want to get some sunlight while in London, Kew gardens are the perfect spot. Located southwest of the city, the environment is serene to tour.

Tips for Planning Your Itinerary

Planning for your vacation is essential to make the trip smooth and enjoy the experience. Here are some tips to help you as you plan to visit London;

Plan Early

It is advisable to plan for a vacation atleast six months to one year earlier. Apart from ensuring you get everything ready before the actual date,  you will likely get a discounted price by booking accommodation in advance.

Know the Things to Do

Identify the activities you will engage in and the places you will visit. Then, prepare a schedule depending on the period you will be away. If you are traveling with family, involve them when picking sites to tour and things to do.

Plan the Logistics

Handling the logistics of your travel is essential for a perfect vacation. It would help to consider all expenses you are likely to incur, like travel, accommodation, meals, shopping, paying for services, and emergencies.

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