In a World Recovering from the Pandemic, Should Your Travel Policy Include COVID-19 Coverage?

International skies are finally opening and have been fully operational, with travel restrictions in most countries being negligible.

Due to the coronavirus-19 outbreak, purchasing travel insurance from a reliable company like Bajaj Allianz travel insurance may be one of the first things you consider if you plan to travel internationally in the next few days.

Rising airfares and the concern that Covid-19 might disrupt vacation plans have made travel costly. However, a travel insurance policy with Covid-19 coverage may be prudent in such situations. You can look for international travel insurance online and check if the policy you are considering buying offers coverage for Covid. A single-trip travel insurance policy with Covid-19 coverage is suitable for an international family vacation.

What does a travel plan with covid coverage pay for?

The travel insurance with corona-specific coverage would include the following:

  • Hospitalisation due to covid:The policies offered in India cover medical expenditures incurred if the insured is diagnosed with and hospitalised for Covid-19 while travelling outside India.
  • Trip cancellation coverage due to covid:It also provides trip cancellation coverage for the non-refundable portion of flight and hotel reservations if a travelling companion or immediate family member of the insured is diagnosed with Covid-19.
  • Trip interruption coverage:Expenses incurred owing to the insured or a family member getting Covid-19 may be paid if a trip must be cut short.


What is excluded from travel insurance with covid – 19 coverage? [1]

  • Isolation expenses:Travel insurance may not cover quarantine as a preventive measure or for mild symptoms. This implies that if you’ve been recommended isolation or institutional quarantine, the charges would have to be paid out of pocket.

What happens when a lock is imposed in a country

Coverage is immediately extended if a lockdown is implemented in the destination country.

Remember, the insurer would pay for the expenses only if the policy is in force and has not lapsed. Renew a lapsed travel insurance policy at Bajaj Allianz travel insurance renewal today to avail these benefits

Can the insurance company deny providing travel insurance with COVID-19 coverage?

Insurance companies may ask you If you were around someone who tested positive for covid-19 and decide whether to sell you a policy based on your response.

In addition, businesses might avoid selling new plans for a few nations with a high risk of covid-19 infection. This does not require regulatory clearance. Therefore, based on their underwriting norms, insurers can decide whether to sell the coverage.

What other coverage to look for in a comprehensive travel insurance plan?

In general, comprehensive travel insurance would include

  • Medical costs entailed during travel
  • Medical evacuation or repatriation costs
  • Personal accident cover
  • Accidental passing away or disability cover
  • Loss or delay of baggage
  • Loss of passport
  • Delay or cancellation of the trip

In summary, it is extremely important to check the exact coverage offered by a travel insurance policy and compare it with other travel policies before buying one. A travel insurance policy with covid – 19 coverage from a company like Bajaj Allianz travel insurance does make a lot of sense, provided the level of uncertainty raised by the pandemic.

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Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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