How to Make the Most of Your Stay in Israel       

The State of Israel has a strong historical and cultural background, one that has been shaped by an entire group of people who have followed their traditions despite the diaspora. When you visit Israel for the first time, you will witness how history actively shapes and influences the present.

Here is how you can become more acquainted with the culture that has become familiar to the rest of the world with the spread of Catholicism and Christianity, religions that have their roots based in Judaism:

Try many variations of Israeli cuisine

A unique aspect of Israeli cuisine is the different evolutions of Jewish cuisine by populations in different parts of the world. Elements from Mizrahi, Sephardi, and Ashkenazi cooking styles have been brought back from Arab, Mediterranean, and Post-Soviet countries. You might have heard of the food names like falafel, schnitzel, and couscous from movies and television shows showcasing the culture. Some of the food the immigrants brought are non-kosher fare; for example, dishes that feature rabbit, pork, and shrimp.

However, just because you aren’t Jewish doesn’t mean you cannot try kosher foods. Kosher foods follow strict rules regarding the sourcing and cooking of ingredients to keep the food clean. Steps like removing all the blood from the meat and not cooking dairy and meat together, can be a new experience for those who eat their steaks rare.

You can try non-kosher cuisine that features meats like rabbit, pork, and fish like catfish and shrimp. However, most of the restaurants and hotels mostly carry kosher food.

Visit religious and cultural sites

Israel has beautiful natural sites like the Masada National Park, Ein Gedi Nature Reserve, and the Dead Sea. However, do not overlook the main reason why other tourists visit Israel: religious tourism. Judaism was the root of significant religions like Catholicism and Christianity, even though they have become their own thing over the years, biblical sites still hold significance to devout followers. Try their tour of the Old City in Jerusalem, even if you do not follow a particular religion. Take them as the historical and cultural icons that they are and soak in the remnants of another time.

Explore the local scene

To make the most of your stay, consider vacation rentals in Israel instead of high-rise hotels. They are present in all major cities; you can find Tel Aviv Vacation Rentals and Jerusalem rentals at affordable prices. The benefit of this accommodation is that you can select the kind of neighborhood on and live close to the locals. During your stay, you can casually walk around the neighborhood. After all the magnificent sights and sounds of museums and religious sites, being among the people and experiencing how they live can provide you insight into how the country has grown since World War II.

Visit the Holocaust memorials and biblical sites. Try a meal you have never tried before like lamb and hummus. Making the most of your stay in Israel is the same as for any other country; it is best to keep an open mind.