How To Keep Yourself Safe On The Water This Summer

Getting out onto the water on a hot summer day is a true pleasure in life, one that is made all the more exciting with activities like surfing and paddleboarding. Both groups and individuals are able to make days and even weeks out of reveling in the sunshine and catching exciting waves.

Each year, however, a number of these beachgoers put themselves in positions of risk by failing to understand the precautions involved with the sea. While the landscape might seem like a serene place to relax, the high sun and strong tides require due caution.

To ensure that you, your family, and your friends are safe this summer, whether you’re adventuring on a kayak or simply paddling by the shore, we’re sharing the basic considerations that everyone needs when heading out onto and into the water.

Stay Hydrated

It seems silly to think that, when surrounded by large bodies of water, that individuals might succumb to dehydration. Yet, each year, many do. Not only will hot weather necessitate individuals to drink a greater amount of water but the salt water of the sea actually dehydrates those who might consume it, as well as actively dry out skin.

As such, those spending time out on the water should make great efforts to keep themselves hydrated. If the weather is going to be particularly hot (or cold) then be sure to adjust the temperature of your drink accordingly.

Wear A Leash

One of the biggest risks when paddleboarding or surfing is becoming separated from your board. Currents, tides, and winds can all very quickly lead to a board being swept away should a rider fall into the water. If this happens, not only would a board be potentially lost forever but it may leave its rider stranded too.

Bring Your Sunglasses

While it may seem like surfers are trying their hardest to be cool with stylish sunglasses, these colorful accessories are actually playing an important safety role. Out on the water, the sunlight not only inhibits vision and puts strain on the eyes but it is reflected by the surface of the water too, making it even more potent.

There are also a number of issues that surfers and paddleboarders experience from prolonged periods on the water and under intense sun exposure, such as surfer’s eye and even macular degeneration.


The most important factor of being out on the water and beneath the sun is protecting skin. Sunscreen is so important, in fact, that Baz Lurhman wrote a song about it. This simple lotion, when applied prior to being outside and in suitable quantities offers a significant defense from sun-related skin issues, as well as drastically reducing chances of skin cancer.

Not only will wearing sunscreen prevent your skin from burning but it will also help to keep it looking young and supple too. The water once again plays an intensifying role and those who stand on their boards or sit in their kayaks are exposing themselves to an even more extreme level of sunlight.

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