Holiday in Uluwatu: What Should You Include?

Uluwatu has a way of delighting its visitors with a series of sights, attractions and activities, regardless of how they are traveling: with a big or small budget, alone, with a partner or with the whole family. Should you be planning a trip here, you’d better pay attention to the following:

Sports equipment

Even if you are not a big sports enthusiast, Uluwatu in Bali can convince you otherwise. The spectacular waves and perfect beaches can quickly tempt you. You may want to have with you adequate surfing equipment or at least swimsuits. The waves are good at low tide, too. Uluwatu has excellent spots for rock climbing as well, with excellent vistas. There is a wide range of locations to choose, from the very quiet to the crowded ones.

High standards accommodation

Top class accommodation is easily available in the area and you should take advantage. It costs less than you expect to book a private villa with a pool, situated in a premium location. If you travel with a group, you can all stay together as long as you rent one of the big Uluwatu villas with as many bedrooms as needed. These places are recently built, equipped with everything tourists need and can be rented from locals, who cooperate with booking agencies. Considering the price, the comfort and privacy, it’s the better option when compared to local hotels.

Beach dinner

It’s impossible not to dream of a dinner on the beach as soon as you see the superb views on the Uluwatu beaches. Perhaps the best place to enjoy the sunset and a formidable dinner is at Jimbaran Bay. The place is a car ride away, but it’s worth it. Pick one of the beach restaurants, stay at a candle lit table in the sand and watch the spectacular colors of the sunset and the Balinese evening as they reflect onto the ocean. If you are a romantic at heart, this will definitely make a lasting impression.

Myths, architecture, culture and entertainment all in one place

The name of the place is Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park and it is like a maze rich in different attractions: murals, sculpted rock walls of impressive sizes along with limestone monolithic structures that circle a large arena, a hilltop temple and works of art that tell the story of Hindu god Vishnu. Plus, there is an amphitheater where visitors can watch Balinese dancing, a lotus covered pond and other photography worthy sights.

The Thomas beach

Why would we favor one beach over the others? The reason is simple: it’s far quieter and less populated than the rest. Access to this golden sand strip is not easy; you’ll have to find the stairs that go down from a cliff. You can rent kayaks or just sunbathe and enjoy the tranquility, as there will never be too many people around on Thomas Beach. If you are willing to learn a few things about surfing but you are shy, this is the perfect place to begin your training.

If you are well prepared for Uluwatu and know how to get ahead of other tourists, you will get to enjoy the best it has to offer. Thus, it can easily become your favorite holiday area in Bali.

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