Five Reasons to Travel Solo

There are many reasons to travel solo. The ones shared below are just a few. You’ll also have your own reasons. Maybe they’re some of the following:

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To Learn (More) About Yourself

You will learn about yourself in ways you wouldn’t if you were traveling with someone or in a group. Not to say there’s nothing to learn about yourself when with another/in a group, but travelling solo taps into a different part of you, tests a different part of your travel muscle. You call on yourself in a different way, and the dynamic is different when you meet new people, as are the conversations. You also get to brush up on your communication and social skills.

The Flexibility

You have more flexibility if you travel alone. You don’t have to wait around for anyone. You don’t have to plan your day with anyone. You can go where you feel like going without compromising with someone or with a group.

For a More Confident, Independent You

There’s a strength and a confidence that comes from knowing you have yourself to rely on. It can be scary, which is to be expected, but can be exciting too. You not only gain confidence but pride in yourself. That confidence starts from the time you decide you’ll book that ticket all the way to when you get back. You’re never quite the same.

For the Challenges/Fear-Facing (And the Blessings)

There are likely to be some challenges, but there’s a chance they’ll help you to grow. There’s a chance there’ll be fears for you to face (old and new), but at times, it can also be a chance to see what you’re made of, to grow, to learn.

The challenges of traveling solo may come your way, but the blessings too, can be magical in their timing, like the right person being there at the right time to help you, or meeting someone in a fairly remote place and realizing you both share the same name or like the same team.

You’ll Make Friends

Solo travel is a chance to make friends, foster various connections, share stories and food, learn about people and yourself. You will not only make friends with them, but with yourself.

A friend of mine went to Bangkok on her first solo trip. She stayed in a luxury hostel Bangkok, and at times, it felt like she had gone with friends because of the people she met and spent time with. She still struck out on her own when she was there, but it was like a mix of solo travel and rejoining the group. She felt independent, but supported too because of the friends she’d made.

Traveling solo is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. It is not only an adventure into the world, but an adventure into you. It is not only an exploration of a place, but an exploration of you.

Enjoy getting to know more of the world, of people, and of you.

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