Finding the Best Carrier for Your Pet’s Travel Needs

Planning your next vacation? How about taking your dog along? Dogs are curious and eager to please, and with a little care, traveling with them shouldn’t be a hard task at all. However, before you leave, you need to shop for a few things, and that list includes a carrier. If you are traveling by flight, most airlines will want you to have the pet in a carrier for obvious reasons. Even for car and train journeys, crates are quite handy. In this post, we have a few tips on finding the best option.

Measure your pooch

Dogs are like humans – they come in all sorts of sizes and shapes, and there’s a crate for every pet. So, the first step is to measure you pet. Check the length and height of the animal. Keep in mind that the crate should be big enough for the pet to turn sides and stand, but it shouldn’t be so big that the dog starts treating it as a den. The good thing is manufacturers do mention the sizes and weight limits in detail, so you wouldn’t have a tough time.

Consider the purpose

Not all pet carriers look like crates. Some are designed like a trolley, while others can look like a harness of a small bag. There are varied options, depending on the purpose. For air travel, you may need those plastic carriers, and most airlines have a specific set of instructions for the carrier. For smaller dogs, you can choose a soft-sided variant, which is quite handy. Wearable dog carriers are also a new rage among pet owners, and these are designed to mimic the human baby carrier. There are also wheeled carriers, which are good for taking the pet along for longer walks.

Buying at the right price

Once you find the best dog carrier, you need to search for the right seller. Again, there are quite a few options, but online stores will always offer better deals. Make sure that you check the prices on the right sites. Also, there are third party portals, where you can find reviews of the different pet carriers along with a list of pros and cons. This can be quite handy for comparing the carriers available in the market. Consider the durability of the concerned material before you take a call on the brand.

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