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Exploring New Mexico’s Carlsbad Caverns

Sitting in the beautiful Chihuahuan Desert of southern New Mexico, sits Carlsbad Cavern. The amazing landmark is home to over 100 caves of all sizes. With caves full of stalactites, ancient sea ledges over deep canyons, flowering cactus and desert wildlife, this is a must stop spot in New Mexico, with plenty of things to do. And this popular spot isn’t too far from the new homes for sale in Rio Rancho.

Self-Guided Tours 

There are two different trails you can take if you are looking for self-guided tours. The Big Room is the most popular and largest single cave by volume in all of North America. In fact, some have called it the “Grand Canyon with a roof”. The trail takes about 1.5 hours to walk. You will see spectacular views and explore underground chambers that date back to 1924. The other trail is about 1.25 miles long. The Natural Entrance is very steep and equivalent to hiking a 75-story building. An hour hike to explore, you will be able to see the sites of that early explorers saw of beautiful formations like Iceberg Rock and Devil’s Spring.

Ranger Guided Tours 

You can also explore the caves with knowledgeable rangers on a guided tour. Keep in mind that the cavern climate is cool, around temperature of 56 degrees Fahrenheit on average, so make sure to dress accordingly. Popular places to see on guided tours include Chocolate High. This is made up of small passages that make a maze that stretches almost a mile long. It was founded in 1993 above a mud-filled pit called the Chocolate Drip inside the New Mexico Room. The Green Lake Room is the most uppermost scenic rooms with deep malachite colorful pool in the corner.

Other special events

 Carlsbad Cavern also has Night Sky events that take place every summer with star parties. This is a prime location to view the wonders of the night sky. Telescopes are available to see the stars up close and rangers are also on-site to discuss topics like astronomy, nocturnal creatures and cultural folklore. You can also enjoy a night hike at minor elevations to catch the views of new and full moons along with star gazing.

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