Experience the Splendor of Jakarta

Jakarta is a vast metropolis that is home to millions of people. It is a multicultural city built with the Indonesian culture in mind as it displays so much of it in the architecture which merges well with the modern architecture. Jakarta is a city of skyscrapers and lights.

The Indonesian capital is a 24-hour metropolis that is always teeming with activity. The entertainment goes on all night and offers something for everyone. It is a fascinating city to visit.

First-time visitors to Jakarta will be amazed by all the city has to offer Such as:

  • International music concerts
  • Recreational and theme parks
  • An exciting nightlife
  • A wide variety of shopping opportunities
  • Arrays of culinary varieties from all over the archipelago as well as international ones
  • Indonesian traditional culture and art
  • State of the art recreational facilities

Jakarta will get you wearing out your dancing shoes faster than usual. Along with an extra pair of dancing shoes, check into the famed Hotel Indonesia Jakarta and embark on your adventure.


If you have never been to Jakarta, you are missing out on a lot of fascinating and enjoyable haunts and activities. Here’s some of what you will find in this bustling economy:

 Thrilling Recreational Spots and Theme Parks

Visitors looking for fun family activities find a lot of them in Jakarta. The recreational facilities and theme parks were designed for family enjoyment. The family will have some fun times bonding these amazing locations:

  • The Ancol Dreamland
  • Taman Mini Indonesia Indah
  • Beautiful Indonesia in Miniature Park
  • The indoor theme park in Kidzania

The Kidzania theme park is one of only three in the world. The Ancol Dreamland is the most popular and largest theme park in Jakarta. It is complete with a wide range of rides and amusement parks. It is indeed a dreamland and children love it almost as much as they love Disneyland.

 The Shopping Experience

Even accomplished shoppers are astounded by the varieties of things one can buy in Jakarta. Anything and everything is in stock here from local artifacts and souvenirs to international haute couture.

There are hundreds of malls to go through and so many boutiques that even a die-hard shopper may not get to visit all of them. You will find pieces from international top designers such as Louis Vuitton and Versace in Jalan Thamrin-Sudirman.

Also found here are Plaza Indonesia and the FX Sudirham. If you are thinking about taking a casual stroll around the city to see what you can find, you lose yourself in all the splendor of merchandise and the artistic displays.

 Fine Dining and Wining in Jakarta

Indonesia attracts millions of tourists because of its array of fascinating islands such as Bali as well as Jakarta. Consequently, the culinary delights you are likely to find here are both local and international.

The best restaurants are located in unique surroundings such as the elegant colonial buildings. These buildings exude the fine dining that was experienced in long gone colonial times. Some grand eateries in Jakarta include:

  • The Oasis Restaurant on the Jalan Raden Saleh in Central Jakarta
  • The Bistro Boulevard on Jalan Teuku Umar
  • The Jittlada Thai Restaurant on Jalan Sultan Augun
  • The Kunstkring Paleis
  • The Bunga Rampai on Jalan Tjik Ditiro

These are among so many other places where you can find the delectable Indonesian cuisine as well as international favorites.

 Street Food

This is not your usual hot dog stand at the corner or lemonade stands run by children in the summer. Visitors are treated to a range of culinary delights right on the streets of Jakarta. Tourists are delighted to find Chinese food or seafood right on the streets and some opt to have an informal meal instead of going into a restaurant.

The Muara Karang, for instance, is well known for its delicious offerings of Sea Food. Crabs, prawns and fresh fish are delicacies you will find in plenty here.


If you haven’t already, add Jakarta to your bucket list of places you must visit. In fact, you should consider giving it the top priority. There is a lot to be seen and experienced in this behemoth of a city.

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