Everything You Need to Know About the Disney Vacation Club

Are you a huge Disney fan? If so, you’ve got to consider joining the Disney Vacation Club.

What is the Disney Vacation Club? This is a program that gives you year-round access to Disney resorts. It can offer you a timeshare solution where you can stay at a home resort when you choose.

We all know that finding space at a Disney resort is always a hassle. We often choose accommodations that can be miles away from our favorite parks.

But if you want the full Disney experience, you want to stay at a resort.

The Disney Vacation Club benefits are great for solo travelers, couples, and families. You’ll enjoy a selection of Disney films, recreation, and easier access to the parks.

Here’s what you need to know about the Disney Vacation Club.

DVC Points

Part of the Disney Vacation Club perks is DVC Points. These are points that you accumulate anytime you spend money with Disney.

These include purchases made at resorts, Disney stores, and parks. These points can later get redeemed for discounts or purchases at anything Disney-related.

If you have family members who travel to Disney at different times of the year, you can also transfer DVC points to them. This works if you and your family wish to travel over the summer and your parents want to travel over the winter.

Home Resorts

Once you accumulate points, you can redeem them to get your home resort. You can own part of the resort as real estate, and you’ll get priority booking for the room of your choice.

You will choose your allotment time based on the points you garner. For example, there are six ranges of points. The lowest end is between 100-124 points. The highest-end is between 225-250 points.

The higher your range, the more time you can spend at your home resort. If you want to spend more than a month at your home resort, you have to accumulate higher than 124 points.

The best option is to look around at the different resorts. Disney has apartments and villas that you can rent out as timeshares.

You can also choose the holiday resorts for your timeshare. Make sure you carefully consider which resorts work best for you before choosing.

You have to consider the space and the atmosphere of the resort. Some are catered to families and are quieter, while others are for young travelers and are more vibrant.

Now let’s look at how to become a Disney Vacation Club member and all the additional perks.

Becoming a Disney Vacation Club Member

So how do you start the process of becoming a Disney Vacation Club member? You first choose in advance how many points you wish.

The price will be for each point you wish. Let’s suppose each point costs $200. If you wish to buy 200 points, you’ll pay $40,000.

On average, each point costs between $175-$245. The prices vary based on the home resorts that you choose.

You’ll also have to pay a yearly subscription fee as well as resort fees to continue your membership. Your subscription is necessary to continue to accumulate more points.

As these fees can be expensive, you can opt for a payment plan. You can pay 10% upfront and then pay into your payment plan as you see fit.

Let’s look at some of the further benefits of being a Disney Club Member.

Swimming Pools

Both Disney resorts and Disney parks have great swimming pools. Usually, you only have access to the pools if you are a guest at the resort or you visit the park.

As a Disney Vacation Club member, you have an all-access pass to most of the pools available.

Many DVC members will then spend an entire day jumping from one pool to the next. If you travel with your family, you can use this as an option to visit different swimming pools. The adults might choose to swim at the resort while the kids enjoy swimming at a park.

More Food Options

Instead of having to buy individual meals, you can opt for a meal plan. As a DVC member, you can get discounts and special offers for meal plans. These promise you at least three meals per day.

You can go to any number of Disney-owned restaurants and choose a meal to your liking. There’ll be options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and often deserts. You’ll also have options for drinks.

There are also some meal plans that are exclusive for DVC members. These are great for any of the fine dining options that Disney has.

Discounts and Other Offers

If you wish to spend more time at Disney, you want to take advantage of your discount options. If you buy Disney merchandise, you can get discounts of up to 10%. You can also get varying discounts for different Disney-owned restaurants.

For saving money, you should consider traveling during the low-season. This way, you won’t have to pay high prices upfront. On top of these low prices, you’ll get discounts as a DVC member.

There are also many opportunities to save money. At some parks, you’ll have discounted entrance fees. Many resorts and parks won’t charge parking fees if you’re a DVC member.

You can also get discounts or special offers for shows, rides, golf courses, etc. You can also access in-house entertainment at your resort at a discount. You’ll have wide access to Disney’s entire library of films and television shows.

It’s because of these discounts and offers that many Disney fans choose to join the Disney Vacation Club.

Join the Disney Vacation Club

Now that you know the perks of the Disney Vacation Club, you can join the membership.

We suggest you look at the home resort options first. Find a great accommodation that you can always count on.

Once you do, find your favorite parks, swimming pools, and restaurants. You’ll find your comfort zone, and you’ll make Disney into your second home! Make sure to take advantage of accumulating points as often as you can.

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