Best Time of The Year for Tourists to Visit Copenhagen

The best time for planning a trip to Copenhagen depends on personal preference. For some summer is best because Copenhagen hosts popular events on a large scale, while a few looking for less crowd and low rates can visit in spring. In October, city goes dormant because of cool winter, except December when hotels are jam-packed with holiday celebrations.

June to August [Best time for a visit]

Summers in Copenhagen are comfortable with maximum high temperature at 60s. Tourists need to pack warm clothes because at times there are chilly winds blowing from Baltic Sea. Even carry an umbrella because July and August are wettest months. If you wish to attend the Jazz festival or the Fashion week or the food festival then book at one of the best hotel apartments in Copenhagen.

September to November

In autumn, Copenhagen is chilly but beautiful. Carry thick coat and sweaters to keep away the chills. In addition, accommodations are inexpensive in comparison to peak summer season. In fall, you can participate in the Blues festival, Culture night, and LGBTQ film festival.

December to February

Temperature is very cold and so you will need lots of warm clothes, gloves and hats. You can plan a holiday during Christmas time, when streets are decorated. However, the accommodation will be very costly at this popular time. However, you can participate in the Tivoli Christmas market and Light Festival. After Christmas, locals return back to normal life but like very country they celebrate New Year. At the end of winter, days get long in February and locals enjoy the Danish carnival called Fastelavn. There is the Frost festival [lasts for twenty days], which tourist traveling in February can enjoy.

March to May [Best time for a visit]

Weather is mild and the place is less crowded, which defines low hotel rates and cheap air fare. In addition, there are hardly any rain showers in these months. The rides in the Tivoli Gardens re-open in the last week of March. If you prefer Scandinavian snowy scenery but wish to avoid freezing temperatures than March is perfect because chances of snow is still there. You can enjoy the largest documentary festival at city’s best cinema hall.

In April, noticeable transformations start with snow melting, parks flourishing, and surroundings filled with blossom trees and flowers. Huge Park in Copenhagen called Faelludparken holds special events, music concerts, and talk shows every year from morning till afternoon. May 5th is celebrated as independence day and national flags are waved on flagpoles. Some locals place candles on windowsills just like their forefathers did on 5th may 1945, when they got the news that their country was free from Germans.

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