American Houseboat Rentals at Voyaguer National Park

Houseboat vacations are becoming increasingly popular particularly with couples and families. This is mainly because they provide an array of activities whilst travelling along the beautiful scenery provided by the surrounding nature.

If you have no idea where to go for a houseboat vacation or where to even rent a houseboat, there are numerous different American Houseboat Rentals at Voyageur National Park. This park has acres of raw nature (nature that has not been tampered by humanity).


Voyageur National Park has five types of houseboat rentals to choose from:


  1. Voyagaire


The 550 Voyagaire is about 900 square feet and it has four private staterooms which all has a queen size bed and a twin bed. This luxurious house boat also has two complete baths, an open living area, a galley that has a microwave and it also comes with comfortable seating and two full size refrigerators. For entertainment this houseboat comes with a water slide, a hot tub and an upper steering station. The weekly price of this houseboat is about $ 5,815.


  1. Sunseekers


These deluxe and hot tub houseboats come with all the standard houseboat features. They also come with built in generators, a blender, microwave, CD player, air conditioning, a house-size stove and also a swim slide. Sun seekers have four different styles within their line:

  • The 460 Sunseeker that comes with a hot tub and is about $ 3565 weekly;
  • The Fish & Family Sunseeker – 530 does not have a hot tub and is estimated at $ 3875 weekly;
  • The Fish & Family Sunseeker -540 that comes with a 8 person hot tub and is estimated at $ 4 395 weekly; and
  • The Super-Hot Tub Sunseeker – 570 comes with a deluxe hot tub and is also estimated to be about $ 5080 weekly.


  1. Sportcruisers


These group and family houseboats are usually 44 feet long and are ideal for families and large groups.


There are three styles of Sportcruiser Houseboats:

  • Sportcruiser 440 which comes with five double beds and is very spacious, is estimated to cost about $ 2495,00 weekly;
  • 440 Deluxe Sportcruiser includes a built-in generator, microwave and air conditioning. This is estimated to cost about $ 2950 weekly; and
  • 440 Hot Tub Sportcruiser includes a hot tube but does not have any conditioner and it is estimated to cost about $ 3110 weekly.


  1. Northstar


This houseboat is 42 feet and comes with four double beds and two twin beds. It is ideal for groups that need a bit more space but at less the price and it is estimated to cost about $1710 weekly.


  1. Suncruisers


These Minnesota Houseboats are a Myacht type of houseboat and they are 36 feet long. This is ideally for two couples or a pretty small family. The first type of the Suncruisers is the 360 Suncruiser which is estimated to cost about $1585 weekly and the second type is the 360 Suncruiser Deluxe which comes has three double beds and it is estimated at about $ 1695 weekly.



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