6 Tips For Helping Your Dog Enjoy Outdoor Activities

Dogs tend to love the outdoors, revelling in the freedom of running about and exploring as they please. They might, however, not be as enthusiastic about certain activities, such as surfing and cycling, as their owners are and four-legged friends might not immediately see the fun in riding waves and following trails.

This isn’t to say that pets won’t ever be able to enjoy the same excursions as humans, only that a few accessories or considerations might be required to ensure that they are safe and comfortable. To show you how, we’re sharing six fantastic tips for helping your dog enjoy outdoor activities.

Dog Pack

When you’re out and about, especially on longer excursions, a dog’s hunger and hydration are essential. While many pet owners will be happy to store the essential goods in their own gear, it can be easier for dogs to have their own pack, carrying their own snacks too.

Additionally, many packs also act as emergency harnesses, helping smaller dogs to be safely supported should they need to be picked up.


While you might find relaxing on a beach enjoyable solely for the opportunity to be by the sea, a dog might require more entertainment. To prevent your pet from becoming bored or pestering nearby bathers, it is worth bringing them their own entertainment, such as their favourite toy.

Dog Life Jacket

If you want to sail, surf, or even paddleboard, your dog can come along too. Many have found that their dogs enjoy the excitement of traversing the water as much as they do, promising that they are kept safe. The most important consideration to ensure this is a dog life jacket. These buoyancy aids for pets ensure that, should your pet fall into the water, they’ll be both comfortable and safe as they’re kept afloat.

First Aid Kit

There is always a chance, as with your own health, that a dog could injure itself. From picking up a tic to straining its leg, a dog might require first aid in the middle of an adventure, which is why a first aid kit, one specifically designed for pets, is essential.

Dog Goggles

Dogs, just like humans, are susceptible to brightness and blusters, which is why, when dealing with glare and fast speeds, they should be given goggles. These accessories, aka doggles, will help dogs to maintain their sight and comfort when riding on the back of a motorbike or when joining a skiing session, preventing the bright snow from overwhelming their vision.


Some dogs will respond very well to having a blanket with them as they act as a place of comfort that they can become familiar with. This means that, whether you are by the beach or in the mountains, they will have a cosy space that they know means that it’s time to rest. Blankets are also great for keeping your dog warm and dry, should you find yourself in unexpectedly harsh weather!

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