5 Top Disneyland Tips for Solo Travelers

Disneyland is often thought of as one of the most family-friendly destinations in the world. But it can also be a wonderful solo vacation if you know where to stay and how to take advantage of your solo traveler status.

Take Advantage of Single Rider Lines

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You can easily spend a large portion of your Disneyland trip waiting in line. The lines for the best rides and attractions can get pretty long. Most rides have a separate single rider line. Because a lot of families don’t want to split up to enjoy the ride, these lines are often much shorter. With single rider lines, you’ll get to experience more of the exciting rides without spending your entire day waiting.

Dine at the Busy Restaurants

Families often try to avoid the busiest restaurants in the park. The wait times can be hours, wasting valuable park time. Because these restaurants have longer waits for larger families, they tend to have unfilled single tables. Easily jump to the head of the line by requesting a table for one. You can enjoy the highest-rated cuisine in the park without having to wait. You will quickly get in and out, allowing you to enjoy more of the theme park.

Purchase Tickets to an Event

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Have you ever wanted to upgrade your tickets to an anticipated show, only to find that your guests did not want to splurge on the upgrade? Traveling alone means you can finally upgrade your tickets for a Disneyland event. Often, ticket sellers will also discount single-ticket prices in order to fill rows. Check the schedule often, and look for sellers trying to get rid of single tickets. Once you’re in a dark theater and focused on the exciting show, who is sitting next to you won’t matter.

Explore Nearby Anaheim

Disneyland is in Anaheim, California. Although many of the attractions in the city are geared toward the theme park, there are plenty of things to do outside of Disneyland, many of which are solo-friendly. Anaheim has plenty of shopping destinations. Take a stroll down Center Street Promenade or Desert Hills Premium Outlets for some California shopping. Traveling alone, you can spend your day visiting the shops you want.

Anaheim also has a vibrant cultural and artistic environment. Visit the nearby 3-D Theatricals center, the Sawdust Art Festival, or the Bowers Museum. Any of these venues are perfect for a solo evening out.

Avoid Family Hotels

In addition to avoiding screaming children running loose, choosing a hotel that is not geared toward families is likely to get you a better deal. Use Hotel Planner to find studio Anaheim hotels. Booking a studio hotel is the perfect solution to cost-efficient solo travel. You don’t need the extra space, and the more affordable room will enable you to visit more attractions in Anaheim.

It’s possible to enjoy Disneyland solo. In fact, with shorter ride lines, discounted tickets, and more affordable accommodations, you may find that you prefer it.

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