5 Star Hotels in Bali: Ultimate Guide on What to do and Where to Stay

Some of the key reasons why people visit Bali is for romantic getaways, adventurous vacation, weddings and honeymoons among others. The island lures people in using its tantalizing cuisine (both local and international), scenic beauty, top-notch shopping, pristine beaches and most importantly, luxe accommodation.

Bali knows how to entice and engage all your senses with its thickly forested mountains, villages, emerald-green rice fields and ancient temples scattered all over the island, thus completely seducing you. Despite Bali being about 150 Km wide, its caliber and range of accommodation is staggering, ranging from villas, to luxurious hotels to luxe jungle escapes and eco-chic romantic getaways.

Picking where to stay

Deciding where to stay can make or break your trip to Bali. Therefore, getting the right area and type of accommodation to call home for a few days is crucial. The beauty about Bali is that it is small enough you can stay in more than one place on your trip meaning it has more to offer other than party spots and resorts. This magical paradise is home to some of the world’s most incredible 5 star hotels in Bali.

If you want to maximize your trip here, it is advisable that you move around to a few different areas. Here are some of them.


This part of Bali is considered to be good for partying and has ease of access. In fact, it gets a fair rep for being the island’s party central. Kuta is located in close proximity to the airport and is surrounded by a plethora of small shops, bars and nightclubs. There are also plenty of accommodation option right at the beach. Popular attractions in Kuta include the Kuta beach and Discovery Shopping Mall.


Compared to Kuta, Canggu has a more chilled surfer vibe thus it is less likely to attract the party/hyper crowd. Here, you will come across a myriad of cool coffee shops and find plenty of Acai bowls. It is also home to Echo beach which is famous for its surf. Canggu has plenty of rice terraces around thus giving you a perfect blend of the island and the coast. This place is also in the direction of one of the most famous temples in Bali, Tanah Lot.

Canggu caters for digital nomads since it is familiar with the DoJo co-working space, it not only offers a good working spot but also reliable internet. Popular attractions here include surfing and rice paddies.


Served with some of the famous premium nightspots on the Island, Seminyak features plenty of restaurants, nightlife and the beach. It is more chilled than Kuta and you’re most likely to find more luxury hotels and resorts.  Some of the popular attractions include fancy restaurants and beach clubs.


Home to the luxurious AYANA 5 star hotels, Jimbaran takes pride in being one of Bali’s best sunset destinations. Treat yourself to a nice spa session or mouth-watering cuisine at any of the restaurants or sip cocktails at the Rock Bar while catching the last rays of the day. Being close to the airport, Jimbaran has plenty of options when it comes to accommodation. Some of the popular attractions here include, nearby surf at Kubu Beach and fresh fish market.


Famous for its temples, beautiful cliffside and monkeys, Uluwatu is also home to a plethora of luxury accommodations including resorts, hotels and surf bars. It offers visitors with scenic views of the ocean and has a general chilled out vibe. One of the popular attractions here is traditional Balinese dance events.

Offering a range of magnificent beaches, some of which have black volcanic sand and others with stretches of pristine white, Bali is no doubt a paradise for sun-worshippers. This island is much more than a tropical location. It is an all-in-one destination offering location, experience and holiday style for people of all ages.

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