5 adventurous activities that Mumbaikars love!

There is no denying the love that Mumbaikars have for adventurous sports. As more and more health conscious people are getting down to the scene, the popularity for many activities has seen a rise. Cycling and trekking being the primary sport among them.  Here we provide you with a list of 5 activities that adventure junkies from Mumbai love to take part in:

  1. Kolad- Kolad is located about 100 kilometers from Mumbai. It is accessible by road and a perfect get-away for the office-goers. People who are interested in rafting activities frequent this place from time to time to have their fill. Kolad is known for its heavenly white waters and enchanting scenery. Camping and lodging facilities have been made available keeping in mind the number of adventurers who frequent such places. The most popular time of visiting this place for water sports would be during monsoon as at that time the water level would be ideal for rafting.
  2. Imagica- Get your fill of adventure with the help of crazy roller coasters, scary scream machines, gold rush Express and much more. The place has something for everyone. If you are out with your family, there are numerous family rides out there for your enjoyment. For your kids, there are fascinating tiny tots rides which will surely keep them occupied and joyful for the rest of the trip. Taking a break from the rides, you get an opportunity to experience the magic of street carnivals with cyclists, dancers, clowns, stilt walkers working their magic on your senses. At the end of it all, when you are densely tired, Imagica provides relaxation and dining services to ensure that you are always at your ease.
  • Go Karting – There are numerous avenues which provide services of go karting in Mumbai. Just book yourself through trusted online portals and get amazing offers on various trips. It is one of the major team building activities in Mumbai wherein you get innumerable chances to interact with your colleagues and formulate a strong friendship base with them. This will indirectly contribute to making your workplace a much better place to work in.
  1. Scuba Diving- Get into the water and start exploring it. Get your taste of Incredible India here, deep in the water. Scuba Diving brings you to your happy zone. This experience would change you with the sense of calm and serenity it provides.
  2. Cycling and Trekking- Mumbai is filled with people who are extremely conscious about their health. What better way to spend your weekend than by cycling and exploring the lengths and breadths of the city. It is an utter delight amongst the health freaks. Get your gear on and Get. Set. Go.

Indulging in adventure sports are team building activities in Mumbai that will increase the interaction levels among your employees and turn the workplace into a haven for them. And don’t we all know it that when the employees are happy, the business is happy? Do invest in such sports and think about the long-term benefits your company would accrue from such sports.

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