4 Unexpected Reasons to Choose a Beach in France This Summer

Holidaymakers may be well acquainted to the splendid beaches in Turkey, Spain or Greece, as well as to the more exotic ones of Egypt, Indonesia or Thailand. Little do they know about France and its amazing seaside holidays.

With its impressive shoreline, France should never be ignored in this regard. Its hot season may not last as long, yet it is extremely pleasant. Let’s find out why you should try a French beach this season (and let yourself be amazed):

A friendlier climate

You may be attracted to all the beach fun and the beauty of sandy shores and crystal waves, but let’s face it: not everyone can handle temperatures close to 40 degrees Celsius, which are a given for any Mediterranean or tropical summer. If you’re that kind of person who cannot function in such heat, France beaches are definitely recommended to you. During summer, the temperatures rarely reach 30 degrees Celsius. There is a very pleasant breeze and the more you go to the north, the cooler it gets. For hot temperatures, opt for the French Riviera.

Manicured vs. wild beaches

France has the whole range of beaches, from the perfectly manicured to the completely wild ones. You can enjoy almost the whole spectrum of experiences, including perfect freedom and isolation, as well as crowded family vacation spots.

History-infused beaches

We don’t only refer here to Normandy’s beaches and the Second World War. Along the shores of France, travelers find bustling resorts with a long-standing traditions, such as Saint-Malo. There are also many old seaside communities that have maintained their traditions and, occasionally, you will see the shore dotted by amazing castles. The sights are very romantic and connect the visitor to the country’s own history.

A varied landscape

From Normandy to La Cote d’Azur, France offers its visitors varied experiences and landscapes. Its geological makeup generated beach strips with fine white sand, as well as golden. It’s also got numerous pebble beaches and limestone shores. From some of its most surprising landscapes, check the Beach Spot: Britanny, France Vacation guide. Brittany is one of those regions in France where you can sample all the deliciousness of French life.

What tourists love the most about French beaches is the tranquility they offer. Not always crowded and noisy, these vacation spots are ideal for quiet time and contemplation, for slow sightseeing and, generally, a different taste and place than with the regular touristic beaches of other countries.

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